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Welcome to About us  the site of Romzen inquiries,
Bolg, products, medicines
Natural therapy, programs,
We are Europa Sito site offers the service in the areas of natural vegetation and skin and body care, and how to maintain the health and beauty using natural herbal
And secondly Europe site
We also experience in the field of computer

Romzen SITO 

this site  . About us  Romzen ( Technical ) phone and the computer and the Internet and  Android and Blogger. It includes a lot of programs. And explain how to install software .. and explain install Blogger. And Internet problems. And install Android on your computer and telephone .. and also programs Alandroed. And     modernization of windows and telephone. And explain how to set up a blog and installation .. and explain the work of the channel on YouTube | !


This Website contains information about the safety, development and testing, and regulation of cosmetics and personal care products and their ingredients. This information is divided into three primary sections:

Safety and Regulatory Basics – overviews of the processes used by companies to ensure the safety and effectiveness of cosmetics and personal care products and their ingredients; how cosmetics are regulated globally and the specific authority of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate cosmetics in the U.S.; and understanding cosmetics ingredient labeling.
Ingredient Database – contains pages about individual ingredients that provide details on what the ingredient is, what function it performs in a cosmetic and personal care product, and what scientific data supports the safety of that ingredient. These pages also provide details about the regulatory guidelines for each ingredient, both in the to anyone who uses cosmetics and personal care products.

Finding Ingredient Information :

as  About us  Romzen  By typing in an ingredient name into the “I’m looking for…” search box, you can find specific information on that ingredient, with references to relevant, publicly available scientific and regulatory studies. With thousands of ingredients already listed on this site, consumers can find safety information about ingredients used in approximately 90 percent of all cosmetics and personal care products on the market today.


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